ABC rules to healthy skin

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Whether it’s stress, bad diet, or the effects of the weather, the skin usually shows the first signs of a problem. Here, we tackle common beauty problems with basic first steps to taking care of your skin, before reaching for products.

1. Pigmentation: Acne presents a lot of challenging problems, not only is it stressful to deal with, but it also leaves stubborn uneven marks on the skin.

Solution: Shorten the time spent in the sun and ensuring you’re using SPF protection.


2. Spots: There’s nothing more frustrating than the appearance of spots; they are difficult to hide and intrusive.

Solution: Tackling spots can be as easy if you introduce balanced foods to your diet; this means less oily foods and plenty of water. Adding more fruits and vegetables to your meals helps to purify the body, and leaves satisfying evidence on the skin.


3. Dark under eye circles: Primarily caused by fatigue, inflammation, dehydration and stress.

Solution: Getting plenty of rest and removing eye make-up before bed are the first steps.

Additionally, Vitamin-C rich foods/supplements can help in brightening the skin and slows down the melanin production (the pigment that causes the skin to darken) under the skin. Not only do your eyes benefit from the vitamin, but also so does the immune system.


DIY Tip: Put two teaspoons in the freezer and until cold and place under the eyes; this reduces puffiness and helps with blood circulation to get rid of the dark circles.

Alternatively, freeze green tea/chamomile tea bags and follow the same procedure as above.


4. Washing your face: The most undermined action in skin care. Washing your face two times a day with a good cleanser clears the oil off the skin’s surface and prevents a build up of spots.


Tip: Sometimes even your cupboard holds DIY ingredients for clear, soft and nourished skin.

Try an mud/clay masque with essential oil or oatmeal:




                                     -1 ½ Tablespoon of oatmeal

                                     -1 Teaspoon of honey

                                     - ½ Teaspoon of water

                                    Or alternatively, substitute the water and honey for 1 ½ teaspoon of natural yogurt.

                                    Mix the ingredients and apply to face, leave on to rest for 10-15 minutes. Wash off with warm water. 

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